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Dr-Ing. Avgoustinos Avgousti, MD, FirePro SystemsDr-Ing. Avgoustinos Avgousti, MD
Being an Engineer, Dr–Ing. Avgoustinos Avgousti finds it motivating to tackle and address challenges on a daily basis. “I could not resist the challenge of taking on the role of the Managing Director of a company that owns an impressive technology with which it had the potential to become a world leader in its field,” he says.

As the offer was extended for him to become the MD of FirePro Systems, Avgousti foresaw and identified the success-potential hidden in this unique opportunity and accepted the position knowing well this success can’t be achieved without passion and hard work. What followed next was a relentless effort and pursuit towards making FirePro Systems carve a unique niche in the industrial safety space with their condensed aerosol fire extinguishing technology and product lines.

The Montreal Protocol and the banning of harmful ozone-related substances around the globe surely helped boost awareness and commissioning of the technology but the big push came under Avgousti’s leadership and the developments of the past decade towards more sustainable solutions across industries and sectors. He capitalised on the green momentum and steered the organization through a period of significant expansion of its activities and presence worldwide. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Today, FirePro delivers environmentally friendly fire suppression systems that are much less complicated than other technologies in the market. Among other attributes, FirePro solutions are modular, ergonomic, have a 15 years product lifespan and require minimal maintenance. The company has also developed specialized products for explosive (ATEX) areas, ATMs and vehicle engines. Their products are certified, listed, and approved by the most stringent organizations, such as the UL, EPA & ULC in America and LPCB, KIWA and Green Label in Europe.

We make every effort to deliver better service to our business-partners and clientele around the globe through new methods, processes and platforms.

The core technology inside the Generator Units remains a constant, while the delivery method and housing can adjust in diverse applications and environments. Notably, the modularity of the systems offers an advantage in applications where it may not be technically feasible or economically viable to complement with other technologies. Some of the newest FirePro products are commissioned to protect spaces where requirements are much more demanding. These are lately focused on the marine and mining industries.

“We make every effort to deliver better service to our business partners and clientele around the globe through new products, processes and platforms but the mission and vision remain exactly the same,” Avgousti mentions. He is also quick to dedicate the success to his peers. “We invest heavily and hire the best scientists around tasking them to come up with smarter ways to deliver better performing products.”

FirePro’s overall success is evidenced by the fact that it currently protects key assets in a multitude of industries across the globe. Committed to minimizing business disruption and catastrophic effects from fires in as many applications as possible, the company sees exponential traction taking place in the power management and the transportation industry for years to come.

In regard to the production, the company sources globally and produces at a single-point location. Avgousti explains, “The goal is to be able to source raw materials in time and keep track of components of the highest quality and at the same time closely monitoring quality and logistics.” The company currently serves more than 80 countries across all five continents and they are quite confident that they can match current demand and scale up with no lead-time disruptions. “We are the leading brand in our technology-sector for the past two decades. The plan is to stay on this course for years to come. With climate change and the Paris Agreement reached by the leaders of more than 170 countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it’s even more vital that we pursue this path,” Avgousti concludes.