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GEM One Corporation: Ensuring the Workforce's Safety

Garry Squire, General Manager, GEM One CorporationGarry Squire, General Manager
GEM One Corp is an international company focused on the design, development, and distribution of remote monitoring systems, specifically catering to the needs of industrial equipment dealers and their customers. Completely owning in-house designed software and hardware provides GEM greater flexibility in delivering such solutions. The company’s products meet the demands of clients running fleets of industrial equipment, who are consistently aspiring to manage their assets under a single platform and facilitate simplified integration with their business systems.

Many equipment rental companies are rapidly immersing themselves in the need for data capture to assist them in running their businesses and increase their customer’s safety awareness. “Our systems collect and report all the critical elements of data required to better manage equipment fleet,” states Garry Squire, general manager of GEM. “These systems also give the ‘end user’ (customer) all the crucial information needed to improve their workplace and driver safety initiatives, including equipment utilization targets and to better comply with legislated equipment safety checks.”

The company’s business philosophy is to design systems to be simple, flexible, and extremely user friendly. GEM builds software and hardware that is both easy to use as well as being intuitive for installation engineers.

The company’s visual graphical dashboards and reports can be used as a snapshot or drilled down to greater detail. Along with its high-quality hardware and software, GEM wants to be known for its responsive support.

We believe that any system only becomes a worthwhile solution when it can achieve a targeted business objective

GEM’s systems collect and present data to assist businesses in achieving improved objectives pertaining to equipment productivity, safety, and compliance. “We store this information, allowing a business to generate ‘anytime’ management information reports with relevant data to enable them to audit or quality plan for future financial decisions regarding their assets,” Squire adds. This high value information can be seamlessly merged into existing systems, making businesses more efficient.

GEM is a product development and customer support company that produces high quality products with value-added, feature enriched, user-friendly software, and delivers real-time customer support and management know-how to the industrial equipment market.

GEM’s primary objective is helping customers meet their own business objectives. “We believe that any system only becomes a worthwhile solution when it can achieve a targeted business objective,” says Squire. As all businesses have differing requirements, GEM follows a flexible and adaptive approach to achieve this objective.